Wounded Healer – Your Chiron Story

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Chiron in the astrological chart tells us where our deepest wound lies, where we reject parts of ourselves and where we were rejected by others. This archetypal energy is often responsible for our potential blockages and suffering in life.

But… there’s also gold buried here! Once we face and embrace our wounding, we can turn it into an amazing gift. Chiron is called the Wounded Healer for a reason – once we become aware and integrate our wound, we go through a healing process and achieve internal empowerment! This in turn enables us to use our experiences to help others to empower themselves.

This reading will focus on your personal Chiron placement and the story that comes with it. I will also draw tarot cards to explore the present situation and inspire you to get to know and befriend your “wound”. This reading is a mix of astrology and tarot.

I will need your date of birth, your time of birth and place of birth – it can be added at the checkout. This is a video reading and lasts about 60 min depending on your Chiron placement.

You will receive a private link to the video recording within 7 days from the purchase (excluding weekends).



7 reviews for Wounded Healer – Your Chiron Story

  1. Aline

    I am so moved by Kasia’s loving words. The reading was spot on and oh so rich! I feel I have weeks, even months, worth of journal prompts and practices. So much food for thought and healing material.
    This is a beautiful and deep work of art that will touch your heart and support your healing and path.
    Also, if you are passionate about cards, Kasia uses so many jewels of her precious collection. It is a wonder for the eyes!
    Thank you.

  2. Carol Lidle

    I just received my Chiron reading from Kasia at TarotMap. She covered all the bases for me: astrology for the impact of Chiron on my life path, then a tarot reading to see how I am doing right now. Oracle cards for added advice and the chakra chimes to help with healing. I highly recommend this beautiful reading – so inspiring and delivered so lovingly by Kasia. Thank you so much!

  3. Jenn

    I loved my Chiron reading with Kasia. I loved learning more from her about Chiron in my birth chart and how this archetype shows up in my life. It was so spot on! Then she gives a personal tarot reading to illuminate your Chiron further. I really loved this part. It felt healing, inspiring, and honest. The extra oracle cards rounded out the reading. I’ve watched my personal reading video a few times now and keep getting more from the rich information she offers. I love her Elfin chakra chimes too! Such a healing touch. I highly recommend this reading to anyone.

  4. Jody

    I have only listened through the reading once and am in awe of Kasia’s ability to express so much about my personal journey. Looking forward to listening again and again to really grasp the depth of the gift she has given me.
    This is my second professional astrology reading in the last few month’s and am truly convinced of not only the validity but the necessity of astrology to help us navigate life to its fullest.
    I was so moved by my first reading that I have begun my own astrology studies. After this reading, I am sure I am on the right track and hope to one day in the next 4-5 years be able to do readings for people. At the age of 61, I now have a path and that path is to one day be able to call myself an astrologer and Kasia and this reading has provided needed light for the way. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. Jamie

    Powerful, empowering, insightful, deeply soulful reading combining astrology, tarot, oracle and sound healing. This reading touched so many levels of my being. I will be watching the video again and again to absorb all of Kasia’s wisdom and guidance. Thank you for being part of my healing journey for reclaiming my soul and spirit. I now have a greater understanding and appreciation of what I have accomplished and how to continue my life’s work and purpose.

  6. Kasia from Tarot Map

    Anette wrote: I can’t even fully express what a powerful and touching reading this was for me. Having the personal astrology as part of this reading enhanced the reading so much. The accuracy of the reading and Kasia’s intuitive ability was wonderful. She gave me much to think about as I continue this path forward.

  7. Sarah

    Kasia’s Chiron reading for me was simply amazing. Her conversational and personal style, grace, intuition and gift as a reader of astrology and tarot was spot on for me. What a gift this is and I look forward to going back and reviewing my reading for continued revelations. New insights and gentle reminders of how to continue to care for myself as I move through this one particular and sacred life is so incredibly valuable. I will take the time to fully integrate this rich and healing reading and will definitely be back for other readings! Thank you so much.

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