Birthday Extravaganza Reading

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In the Birthday Extravaganza reading I would love to share with you some magical inspiration on that very special day.

I see this reading as your Future Self talking to your Present Self. I will use a few different decks and hopefully provide you with some interesting food for thought. I might also take a look at your chart, if you provide me with your birth details: date (spell the month), time (exact!) and place of birth -city and country.

My readings are psychologically and spiritually based but I still keep them practical and down to earth.

The reading will be delivered in video format and is approximately 30mins long. You will receive a link to your reading within 7 days of purchase (excluding weekends).



2 reviews for Birthday Extravaganza Reading

  1. Lynn P.

    Treat yourself to this reading for your next birthday!

    I have admired Kasia’s free content on Youtube and IG for many years. I’ve heard her talk and show pictures of spreads with many decks, stones and other allies. None of this prepared me for the depth of her reading. She seamlessly blends her knowledge of astrology, tarot, herbs, crystals and God/Goddess energies with intuition and a wonderfully structured spread. I really loved the little bit of astrology because that is something I haven’t studied. It was a different sort of window but was included with the cards, etc. She even included chimes and charms, each with a purpose and/or message.

    The reading was honest and reflective on my own life. It showed dark and light, and even found some of the energies I have been working with in my personal practice. Kasia spoke brilliantly on balancing and managing challenges and showed some opportunities ahead.

    You are bound to get important info from this reading and it might even help you look forward to your next birthday 🙂

  2. Jenn

    This was such a treat to have on my birthday!

    Kasia’s readings are always spot on, extremely thorough and exceptionally insightful.

    I cannot recommend enough and am already thinking about what to order for my next reading.

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