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Think of this reading as an in-depth astrological analysis of your potential talents, gifts and life lessons. I go deep and explore various aspects of your calling. The benefits of this reading are not age dependent, as it is not solely geared towards work . It includes your Chiron story and Nodal Axis information.

This reading is great for anyone wanting to peek into their astrological birth potential and gain some inspiration for executing this potential in life.

I will do an astrological consultation first, followed by a tarot/oracle reading (Tarot Map style) to show us where you are at this moment. The reading focuses on the cycles you are going through right now and how to navigate them. It is a very extensive and deep reading.

I will need your birth details for this one: birth time, birth place and date of birth! This information can be added at the checkout.

The reading lasts about 90 minutes and it is a video recording. A private link will be delivered to your inbox within 7 days of the purchase (excluding weekends).



8 reviews for Life Purpose Reading

  1. Renee

    This reading from Kasia is so life affirming and inspiring. Completely worth it due to all the extra astrological foundations she includes. I was left feeling really seen and understood but also guided by her immense insight, kindness and optimism. I will definitely be getting readings from her in the future and I am so glad she offers this comprehensive reading. Thank you so much Kasia!

  2. Gabi

    It’s taking me a while to write this review because it is really hard for me to find the words to say everything I want to say about the many ways in which I have deep gratitude for this experience and for Kasia’s remarkable combination of knowledge and intuition.

    I love the pairing of the astrology and tarot. There is such a wealth of information between these two, it felt very complete. So much so that there was nothing I didn’t understand or have any questions about. I myself am very intuitive so that may help but one thing I really value from this experience was the way in which I became aware of some shadow aspects of myself that I thought I had already fully illuminated.

    If I went into this with any expectation, I think I would have thought I would receive a lot of validation and encouragement, and I did, absolutely. But what was unexpected and of such profound useful to me, were the things about myself I have never seen before, that immediately rang true and that are crucial for me to integrate and explore if I am going to be my best elf (which is my goal 🙂 ).

    I couldn’t recommend Kasia or this reading more. The care that goes into all of her work is beautiful and strong and I am so thankful to count her among my guides.

  3. Naomi Healing

    The Life Path reading I experienced was so helpful and important to me that I would like to do it again every year for inspiration! Kasia is an extraordinarily skilled, soulful and generous reader. She combines the best qualities of her profession (clarity, precision, ethics) and personality (kindness, warmth, good humor) to create a safe space for any client to be able to receive the important insights she perceives in your natal chart and in the cards.
    Kasia, I needed to hear everything you told me. You did not shy away from the painful, shadowy or deeper aspects of my soul pattern. You reminded me of my strengths and passions and the many ways I can apply them to be of service and enjoy my life more fully. Thank you for delivering all of what you saw during the reading with such compassion, encouragement and integrity.

  4. Vanessa

    Kasia is amazing!!! I highly recommend getting a reading with her for yourself, and/or gifting one to someone you know who would be interested. The reading was extremely accurate, informative, and helpful. I received a lot of practical advice and information that resonated. I enjoy her personality and it was easy to understand what she was explaining. She is very psychic and her readings are powerful. I plan to purchase more readings in the future for myself and to give as gifts. I am grateful to have had this very generous reading from Kasia.

  5. Linda

    I am so grateful! I received an incredible reading that was so spot on it made me laugh and cry at the same time. I know the basics of tarot and astrology, but Kasia went much deeper than I ever did and truly connected the dots. I feel inspired, empowered and encouraged to further develop my potential. Thank you Kasia for spending some time with me and making me feel recognized and valued!
    This was the first reading I ever gifted myself and I will treasure it forever!

  6. Anna Smith

    I have just had the most exciting, stimulating and comprehensive Life Purpose Reading from Kasia. It has been by far the most accurate and insightful narrative about the way my planets work together I have ever come across. Delivered with a great deal of warmth and passion (and what else from a fire sign!) but equally with a probing intelligence (as she has shared with us, her moon is in an air sign), this is a special integration of tarot and astrology with multiple card pulls supplementing the basic birth chart.
    I particularly found the way the different cards spoke to the astrological info to be fantastic.
    I cannot recommend Kasia’s services highly enough!

  7. Lena

    I am in a new phase of my life. This reading was, beyond accurate and true, amazingly stringent, confirming and well balanced. Kasia is extremely talented and knowledgable in a lot of different fields, and in the same time serve it all with love and compassion. I know both Astrology and Tarot before separately, and I am really touched as well as impressed by the way Kasia manages to weave it all together. This reading, Kasia, is confirming the way I was drawing my map for going forward : ) I loved every part of this experience and will be coming back to it many times!

  8. Barbara Nakagawa Solarz

    This was an amazing experience! The response was quick, in time for my birthday! It was thorough and on point! With very little context beyond my birth details, Kasia honed in on key information in my life, and she provided insight and helpful interpretations. So impressed by this reading! Kasia, I sent a more detailed response by email.

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