Where is the Fool Heading in 2020?

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Where is the Fool Heading in 2020? focuses on where you are right now and the direction you are moving in. The Fool leaves something behind and heads towards something new. What are the general trends in your life now?

The first three cards point to the cosmic and natural energy flow and the last three cards show your attitude towards this; are you in tune or having second thoughts? We’ll look into these energies and explore… I also use various oracle decks in this reading.

This reading will help to guide you through the transition into 2020! So many of my clients have found this reading to be a wonderful way to ease themselves into the flow of the New Year.

This is a video recording that lasts about 25 min and is a mix of tarot and oracle. The link will be sent out to you within 7 days of purchase (excluding weekends). If you leave me your astrology details, I will take a look at some of the trends in your chart too.



4 reviews for Where is the Fool Heading in 2020?

  1. Dorlynn Starn

    Once again I was pleasantly surprised at the reading I received from Kasia. (The other two were through her Etsy shop). I love that the readings are recorded on YouTube where I can view them several times. The first viewing was amazing and I sometimes couldn’t process fast enough all that was brought out in the reading. By the time I mentally caught up the reading had moved on.

    Since the reading was rich in detail and meaning I enjoyed watching it over a couple more times. Each return brought me to a deeper understanding.

    This reading eerily depicted my current state of affairs with great accuracy. I am grateful that Kasia used not only tarot cards/decks but oracle cards too. The oracle cards offered a bit of guidance for the situation after reinforcing the major influences laid out with the tarot cards.

    I would highly recommend a reading from TarotMap.

  2. Jenn

    This was my first reading with Kasia. I loved it. It’s simple in concept but she gives you so much to think and dream about. I love how she adds in extra oracle cards for next step advice. She makes sure to give something practical for you so you can weave the reading back into your daily living. I loved this introduction to working with Kasia and have done several readings with her since. She cares and you can feel it.

  3. Melanie

    This reading was so deeply inspiring and on point! I wasn’t expecting so much insight and valuable clarity. Already recommended it more than once and was blown away by Kasias wisdom and generosity… Thank you so very much!
    It deeply resonated with me and although a more general reading you picked up so accurately those bigger themes in my life! WOW!
    Def will come back for more 😉
    Blessings and much love!

  4. Jennifer J

    I am more than satisfied and have only great things to say about the reading I received by Kasia of Tarot Map. Kasia’s intuitive abilities far surpassed my expectations, and she hit on some very specific themes for me. There were more than a few times my partner and I just turned and stared at each other, wide-eyed and with our jaws on the floor. Kasia probably had no idea the things she was saying carried such weight in my/our personal realities. If I could rate more than 5 stars I would, and I 1000% percent recommend this reading. I really love that her readings are affordable and accessible to those with tighter budgets, but are still extremely detailed and rich with valuable information and guidance. I can’t wait to try the Birthday Extravaganza reading next!

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