Moss – Ancestral Healing Reading

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Moss is a crystal skull (inspired by ancient Mongolian skulls) that recently came to me and offered itself to support this reading. It will serve as the symbolic representative of the ancestral lineages and its name is used as the name for the reading.

In this video recording (not shorter than 30 minutes) I explore your ancestral lineage, its limitations and gifts. We will be touching on positive and negative sides of the story, as well as how you can best honour your ancestors and use their gifts to enrich your life right now. This reading is a magical, yet practical way of connecting to your forefathers and foremothers.

Past becomes present and present becomes future. Awareness brings in the possibility of shifts and transformations in the now. You are a part of what came before you but you are not limited to it.

A perfect reading for Samhain / Day of the Dead / Winter Solstice.

** Please send me your birth details – date (spell the month), time of birth and place, so I can offer you astrological insight as well. This is not obligatory but recommended for a deeper exploration and can be added at the checkout.

A link to the video will be sent to you within 7 days of purchase (excluding weekends).



3 reviews for Moss – Ancestral Healing Reading

  1. Jenn

    Every time I receive a reading from Kasia I feel so deeply seen. She is caring and respectful. And, she has the nicest voice too! 🙂 Often her readings move me to tears. They feel so spot on. This ancestral reading was no different. I have watched it a few times now. I received information that helped me understand parts of myself and the energies at play from my ancestral lines. It’s not so easy to explain but there was new understanding and compassion for my father line after having this reading. Thank you so much Kasia!!

  2. Julie

    This is the second reading that I’ve received from Kasia, and she always delivers the most powerful messages. The Moss reading is the one that hit me especially hard, and I’ve learned things that I will be working with for years to come. If you’re a collector or lover of tarot and oracle imagery, a reading from Kasia is especially awesome, as she uses a variety of different cards during the process. She even took up the challenge of using the El Goliath for me, which is beyond appreciated. Her knowledge of astrology and incorporation of crystal skulls are also why I will keep returning to her for guidance. Once again, thank you for the experience, Kasia! Keep going.

  3. Julie

    Kasia’s reading was amazing. Very insightful and thoughtful. She didn’t rush through it, but presented everything thoroughly and with great care. It was worth the price just for the astrological insights alone. The use of mutlutple decks really adds depth to Kasia’s work. Just a beautful reading and a great experience.

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